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Your Questions Answered

Is UMX a plug-in? Does it work inside of a DAW?

UMX is a standalone software that operates independently or alongside other software. Since it works with MIDI, it can send MIDI informations to your DAW via virtual MIDI ports, controlling the audio workstation in a similar way as it would control an instrument. The interface of the software can be collapsed for you to visualise the mixer section of your DAW or anything else you need to keep an eye on. UMX is very lightweight. It won't add any latency to your performance nor burden your CPU.

Do I need to buy the Unimidi hardware to use the software?

The full functionalities of UMX can be exploited via the software interface or mapped to a standard MIDI controller. However, the UNIMIDI devices are designed especially for UMX and ensure optimal control of the software.

How is UMX advantageous for MIDI management compared to other solutions?

The first advantage is modularity: the idea is tailoring the software functionality around your own setup. Moreover, the MIDI transmission capabilities are unparalleled. The amount of controls you can transmit in one touch is simply impressive. UMX allows you to bring back more spontaneity in music as well: the parameters modulations are triggered by your input, allowing you to improvise or extend the song structure, still maintaining the high level of sound complexity you’ll find in nowadays studio-produced music. You won’t be forced to play along a click track as if you were using automations in a DAW. You’ll be able to create very smooth sound transitions and to control a large amount of parameters on many instruments ( control a whole band or orchestra with just one UMX, for example? ). You could be playing death metal in the verse and then bossa nova four bars later, you could be using 12 synthesisers and a midi trumpet at the same time. I mean, there’s no limit. You can do whatever the hell you want.

Do I need to be a MIDI expert to use UMX? Does the software has a steep learning curve?

Not really. You’ll need some basic understanding of the MIDI protocol and computer-made music. But if you played banjo in a country band you wouldn’t be here, right? The first step will be mapping your setup to UMX, which can take more or less depending on how complex the setup is. That would be the most “challenging” part. After that, you can just duplicate your performances and change the parameters in every patch. Et voilà!

Does the UMX_100 device have midi ports? Is it a MIDI interface?

The UMX_100 device is a remote patch launcher allowing to monitor your performance. The MIDI does not pass through the UMX_100. It is carried via USB directly into your computer or through a standard MIDI interface.

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